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ASIX  solution provider for Ethernet WiFi Bluetooth

Ethernet Controllers selection guide


USB-to-LAN Controllers selection guide

02 SuperSpeed_USB-to-LAN

Embedded Ethernet SoC  selection guide

03 Network_MCU_Connecting_Directly_to_the_Internet

WiFi SoC selection guide

04 Wi-Fi_MCU_Connecting_Directly_to_the_Internet

WiFi SoC selection guide

05 AX22001_Application_Diagram

PCI, PCIe and USB Bridge Controllers selection guide

06 PCI_Connectivity_Solutions

07 PCIe_Connectivity_Solutions

08 USB_Connectivity_Solutions

– Embedded WiFi and Bluetooth Modules selection guide

09 wifi module AXM22001-2A-C

10 bluetooth modules AXB031

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